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Hon Keung Enterprise Ltd. produces lead free, environmental friendly, high quality and complies with safety requirements pompons, pompon-toys and woolen pompons. Pompons are widely used on toys, dolls, plush toys, garments, infant shoes, caps, Christmas decorations etc. There is variety of pompons include One-colour, Two-colour, Three-colour and Mixed colours as well as Gold/Silver/Glitter. Tailor made also are available.
●Mechanization of production
 -Systematic of order arrangement
 -Standardize sizes
 -Delivery on time
 -Maintain Quality of standard
●On time delivery:
 -Rich experience with
     -mechanization of production
 -Prevent fall short of standard
     -rom manpower problem

Mechanization of production

Pompoms and sizes:
One-colour pompons Two-colour pompons Three-colour pompons
Mixed colour pompons Gold/Silver pompons Glitter pompons
Special pompons Assorted Pompons

Pompons Specifications
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  Tailor-made pompons are available.

Test Report Result
Test Report Result