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Characteristics and Application

Sublimation transfer is a fashionable printing technology on fabrics and PVC etc. Specially made sublimation paper subject to clients' artwork will be transferred on the fabrics with a heat transfer/press machine. Sublimation transfer brings colorful, great precision and photographic effect, which is better than that of screen-printing.

  • Widely used on chemical knitted fabrics, polyester, nylon, spandex, PU and wooden products etc.
  • Colorfastness to sunshine, good washing durability, colorfastness to washing
  • Comply the standard of environmental protection.
  • Maintain the texture of fabrics, bright effect, high air permeability and soft touch.
  • High efficiency, low cost and reduce defects.
  • Able to produce transfer paper in local area and process in another area, which will bring economize on freight cost.

  • Outdoor & Sporting Items: Umbrellas, beach chairs, tents, sleeping bags, hammocks, backpacks etc.
  • Homewares and Home Décor: sheers, tablecloth, bathroom curtains, pillowcases, bed sheets, bedcovers, carpets, sofa etc.
  • Promotional banners: banners and colored flags.
  • Footwear: slipper, sports shoes, sneakers etc.
  • Travel & Luggage: handbags, backpacks, recycle bags, schoolbags etc.
  • Arts & Crafts: Hair ornament, ear muffs, pictures, fans etc.
  • Garment: Sports wear, casual wear, children’s wear, beach wear, pajamas, ladies’ wear etc.
Environmental Protection Standard and test property
  • Sublimation transfer standard of environmental protection:
      1.Comply the basic requirements of Formaldehyde content.
      2.Comply the heavy metals test
  • Sublimation transfer properties:
      1.Colorfastness to sunlight
      2.Good washing durability
      3.Colorfastness to rubbing
      4.Colorfastness to washing
    To ensure environmental friendly, all materials of heat transfer are comply to environmental protection standard.

     Latest test reports for reference as below:

Test Report 1

Test Report 2
Order information
    Solely on sublimation transfer paper: Clients order us to
           make the sublimation paper upon their artworks. Clients do
           the transfer processing by their own.
    One-stop heat transfer service: Clients order us to make the
           sublimation paper upon their artworks and assign us to do
           the heat transfer processing on the fabrics.
    Placing orders procedures:
    ①Sampling making→②Picture adjustments→③Bulk production
           with clients' approval
    Bulk production procedures:
    Clients' prepare artworks to us---Make Photo prints and obtain
          clients' approval---Produce printing rollers---Start up bulk
          production of sublimation transfer paper ---Start up sublimation
          transfer processing (if available).
    There are hundred of designs for customers selection. Made
          to order subject to clients' artworks is available. To ensure
          convenience and quality, we also provide pre-printing service.