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Label Transfer
●It replaces embroidery and
●It is environmental friendly
    and good washability.
●It can be transferred onto
    final products directly.
●It is convenient for those
    factories with inadequate
●It is widely used in garments,
    T-shirts, caps, footwear,
    gloves, socks, bags and
    dolls etc.


  Label Transfers are widely applicable on advertising and promotion, such as papers, placard and plastics. For garment industries, it is suitable for size labelling on collars, gloves and socks. Bar code and washing instruction are also available.
  1.Tag free
  2.Hassle free
Environmental Protection Standard and test property
  Heat transfer labels standard of environmental protection:
    1.Comply the basic requirements of Formaldehyde content
    2.Phthalate free
    3.Comply the heavy metals test
  Heat transfer labels properties:
    1.Colourfastness to sunlight
    2.Good washing durability
    3.Colorfastness to rubbing
    4.Colorfastness to washing
  To ensure environmental friendly, all materials of heat transfer are comply to environmental protection standard.
  Latest test reports are reference as below:
Hong Kong BUREAU VERITAS Test Report
Packing details
●Whole piece packing (54cm X 39cm)
●Ribbon shape by size packing
●Die cut packing
Supporting Facilities:
Manual Label Heat
Transfer/Press Machine

Pneumatic Label Heat Transfer/Press Machine